Inspiring Leaders to Build a Legacy Through People Performance & Profits

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Customized Consulting

o Program Design and Implementation

o Technical Assistance

o Customized Training

o Talent and Change Management

o Client Consumer Marketing Outreach Programs


Leadership Development

o C-Suite Legacy Leadership

o Communications

o Customized Training Programs

o Employee Network Group

o Customer Service


Legacy Leadership:

Innovative Leaders Create a Legacy, Pathway and Footprint  


Legacy Pathways’ consulting, policy public analysis and technical

assistance help corporate, government, universities and

public/private partnerships design, develop, and implement

best practices performance models that create sustainable

economic, business, and job creation growth for future generations.

    Dr. Joi®, Elective Officials and Business Leaders Join The Honorable Legacy Leader Jannie L. Blackwell, City Councilwoman of Philadelphia, USA in her re-election Journey

Energy and Demand Side Management:    

Save Energy, Money, and Our Planet


Legacy Pathways’ customized services help our clients

design, develop and deliver energy efficiency, renewable

energy and demand-side management programs that

inspires consumers to save energy, money and our planet.

    PECO/Legacy Pathways event for local, regional and state business leaders as part of the PECO Smart Ideas demand reduction program

Pathways To Success: Talent Management:

Developing and Enhancing Workforce Training Programs


Legacy Pathway’s customized consulting and training services

provide corporate and government cultures with talent

management growth strategies that increases your global

competitive advantage with more joy, less stress and

greater profitability.

    Dr. Joi®, Entrepreneurship Panelist Speaker for
Black Energy Awareness Month in Partnership with The American Association of Blacks In Energy (AABE)


Footprints: Creating Sustainable Excellence

Shaping Our Leaders, Communities and the World


Legacy Pathways’ Leadership, Workforce, Corporate and

Government Mentor/Mentee Protégé Programs are customized

to inspire, share, support and connect global industry Leaders

with emerging growth Leaders. Outcomes increases sustainable

performance, reduces learning curves and create a Legacy, Pathways

and Footprints for Others.


    Dr. Joi®, member of the Marketing Committee for the National Heart Association joins “Go Red Leaders” in Philadelphia to raise awareness of heart disease